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New Job, Leaving My Kids & Family Emergencies

November 14th was a really hard day for me as a parent. I felt unappreciated and unfulfilled at my job so I found a new one. More on that at a later time. My new job is here in Florida where I live. However, after I got hired I found out training was in St. Louis Missouri, for 2 weeks… insert sad ominous music here. When I tell you I was sick to my stomach with worry you have no freaking idea. The longest I’ve been away from the big 5 was 2 days for a weekends in Vegas. And as for the youngest 2 I’ve only been away from them for 24 hours. WTF was I going to do without my babies and what were they going to do without me?!?!

I was excited for the new job. It’s an amazing opportunity. For weeks leading up to the trip I was praying hard!!! I really wanted something to change and I would stay home for training. No such luck. All of my friends told me to look at this as a much needed vacation. I told them I would try but I felt guilty for even thinking that way. What if they needed me? Wh…

Fashion Tips For The Busy Mom

Mom is a title that carries a lot of weight and is full of so much responsibility. We spend most of our days tending to the needs of others we can easily forget about our own needs and ourselves. As moms we tend to look as exhausted as we feel but we don’t have to. With just a few basic pieces of clothing, some accessories and a little time you can look like an off duty model instead of an on duty mom.
   Let’s start with the basics. Believe it or not a pair of great fitting jeans and a simple t-shirt is the foundation for a put together look. When choosing your denim go for what is comfortable for you. If you’re not into the latest trends, then don’t attempt them. Hey, distressed denim is not for everyone. Your t-shirt can be a plain solid color or it can be a vintage band tee just make sure it’s not too tight, too short or too long.  I like mine to go to mid hip.  

   If you’re running around doing errands with the kids opt for cute and comfortable shoes. My favorites are white l…

Going back to work after being a stay at home mom

For years I've either been a stay at home mom or I've been fortunate enough to find jobs with pretty awesome companies that allowed me to work from home. I've been so blessed to be home with my younger 2 kids since birth and not leave their sides. Along with that came more time with my older school age kids. I've been able to volunteer at their schools, greet them when they come home and even begrudgingly drive them to school on those dreaded mornings when they've missed the bus. It's been a time full of ups and downs that come with the lack of financial freedom, Lonely days with no adult interaction and no time to myself. Honestly I began to feel like something was missing and I was losing myself. I was no longer Samantha I was just... Mom and Wife. 
   Anyway, I decided to go back to work outside of the home. Dee had graduated high school and works in the evening so I no longer had to fear leaving my precious blessings in the care of strangers. They are saf…

Bad Moms Movie Review

So about 2 months ago some ladies in my “Mom group” suggested we get together to see Bad Moms opening night. Usually when we have a mom’s night out there is an ok turn out. By ok I mean anywhere between 7 and 10 moms maybe. This time there was an RSVP in our Facebook group for somewhere around 40 and 34 ended up showing up for the movie! It was amazing!

   Now imagine a movie about “Bad moms” playing in a theatre FULL of actual self-proclaimed bad moms… It was rowdy to say the least!

A photo posted by Samantha Jade Minor (@samanthajademinor) on Jul 30, 2016 at 6:21am PDT
   So basically the movie is about Mila Kunis. She makes some new bad ass mom friends that have one thing in common. They’re tired of… well… Momming. I don’t know if that’s a word yet but dammit it needs to be. Each of them are in different relationship stages of life which I mean aren’t we all?!

   So they basically go up against another group of moms lead by Christina Applegate. These are the moms that make it har…

New Beginnings or Why I've Been Avoiding My Blog

When it comes to this little blog of mine I can come across as a real flake. I used to post every week and now it’s been months since I’ve posted anything. Believe it or not I think about it every single day. I think about all of the things I’d like to post I just don’t have the chance to. I’d love to post DIYs, recipes and all of the fun things I do with my kids but I can’t. Some days aren’t that great and I just don’t have it in me to pretend. Don’t get me wrong my life isn’t shitty. I just have shitty days. After a lot of thought I feel like those are the exact things I need to be writing about. I figure this blog if anything can be cathartic for me. To help get me through those real parenting days. Those real marriage days. Those days when I don’t feel like a person at all but a machine that gets up first thing in the morning and breaks up kids fight and cleans up behind a sick dog. A machine that takes care of 7 kids and a husband who can be as challenging as all of those 7 ki…

When Your Kid Doesn't Want to Go to College

I’m going to speak very candidly about this topic. I mean VERY candidly. Like I may swear in this post… a lot. If you’re easily offended now is the time we part ways and there will be no hurt feelings. This is a parenting blog and with parenting comes a lot of pissed off moments and many, many bottles of wine (sometimes something stronger).    I’ve written about my daughter Dee before. I’ve talked about how proud I have been of her accomplishments in school and just how she’s an all-around good kid.
Dee graduates this year. Like less than 2 months. The rule in our home is once you graduate high school you’re allowed to continue living at home until you a) graduate college or b) have saved enough money and feel you are able to move out on your own (while still going to college). So basically work and go to school and you won’t hear mom and dad’s mouth.

   My husband always throws in option c) go into the military. There has never been talk of an option d). Why you ask? Because we did…

Things that Annoy Me about Working from Home

Since having my youngest son in 2011 I found it easier to work from home. Back when I first started having kids working from home was not an option. So I worked a regular 9-5 for years while my kids went to daycare and home baby sitters. I felt really bad having to leave them. Especially on those days they just didn’t want to be away from me and I could hear their cries all the way to my car.
   Now that working from home is an option I’ve worked for a few different companies including U-Haul, HSN and my favorite Apple Tech Support. However, this isn’t a PSA on why you should work from home. Instead it’s about things that piss me off about working from home. More specifically, what other people do that piss me off.
   One that really bothers me is when people say “Working from home isn’t a real job.” Oh it’s a real job alright with a real pay check to pay these real bills! What people don’t know is when they’re calling their cable company, cell Phone Company etc. they’re talking to…